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What to Consider When Training Dogs For Showing

Taking Your Dog to a Show

It’s one thing to simply train a dog, and that’s hard enough, but it’s a whole different story when you plan on taking your dog to a show. This means they are the cream of the crop, papers and all. They are well-trained, and we’re not talking the basics or the cute stuff. It’s prim and proper, albeit still cute. Dog shows are very prestigious, so if you don’t have extensive training already yourself, it’s best if you get a little help somewhere along the way.

Eligibility is of course the very first hurdle

Of course, there are plenty of things you can do yourself to get your dog ready for the show.  Eligibility is of course the very first hurdle. After you clear eligibility for your dog, the next thing you might want to do is actually go to some of the shows. Have you already been to some of them? You will get a good feel for what to do that way just by watching, and you and your dog will feel more comfortable there.


What type of leash do you have for your dog? This is a very important step. You’re going to need to be using a good one at the dog show, and your dog needs to get used to it now.Have you heard of ring raft classes? These classes prepare your dog to get show ready, and so that’s just another step you can take as you march forward towards you and your dog’s first show.

While the classes in some ways can be outsourced to the professionals, you are going to be with your dog. That’s why you needed the right leash, and you also need to practice gaiting, otherwise known as trotting. The hand stack is something else your dog needs to learn. You can tell that there is quite a bit of training, but it’s worth it if its what you want to do and you can tell your dog does, too.

You also have to teach your dog about examinations, and you have to bait train him as well.

Do your think you’re up to the task?

As mentioned, it’s a lot, but training your dog is always good, meaning anything you do wouldn’t be at a loss. It means time spent with your dog and helping him be his best.

As long as it’s fun, that’s what counts.