Your Go-To Guide To Grooming Fido!

Your Go-To Guide To Grooming Fido!

All good dog owners want to make sure that they care for all of their dog’s needs. That means that as well as providing quality food, exercise, a warm bed and, of course, an abundance of cuddles, they also have grooming needs that should be met.

Whilst you can take Fido to the local dog grooming center and indulge him in a spot of hair therapy, deciding to care for his needs at home can also have advantages. Firstly, whilst many of us humans love to get our hair done, the same can’t be said for our darling pooches. Some of them get stressed or anxious in new environments, especially if the said environment involves a stranger touching them, and rather intimately at that!


Secondly, a session at your local dog grooming center will come with a hefty enough price tag. That’s money that could be spent buying Fido an abundance of new toys, balls, and favorite treats.

So if you have decided that grooming your dog at home could be the right move for you and your four-legged buddy, it’s time to learn a few of the basic tips and tricks that will have you feeling like a pro in no time. Ready to get started? Here we go!

Get The Right Gear

To do the job right you are going to need to invest in a few pieces of equipment, as follows:

– A pair of clippers
– A sharp pair of scissors
– Plenty of tasty treats!

Preparing To Prune?

It’s vital that the first experience Fido has is a good one. Ask someone to hold your little darling and keep him calm throughout the process. Plenty of treats, soothing words, and breaks if necessary should soon have Fido relishing his moment of TLC.

Keep It Regular

For dogs that have continuously growing coats, you should aim to groom every 6 to 8 weeks. This regular routine will also keep your dog familiar with the process, and enjoy it too.

Being a good dog owner involves lots of small things and a good helping of big things. By all means, you can fulfill your dog’s grooming needs by taking him for regular sessions at your local grooming center. However, if grooming your pet yourself appeals to you, you’re now armed with a few of the top tips and tricks.  You and your four-legged buddy are off on the right foot.

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